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Mazda RX7

A build journal dedicated to a the restoration and drivetrain swap of my 93 Mazda RX7 spanning 6 years and 1000+ hours

92 Toyota MR2 3rd Gen 3SGTE Engine Swap

Documentation from a quick engine swap I did on my younger brother's mr2. I owned and worked on two mr2s over 10 years and this one used to be mine, so the swap was straight forward and one of the nicer jobs I've done.

ATTiny85 AVR Waveform / Frequency Conversion

Completed mid 2015 this was a product we designed to convert 0-100VAC sine waves to 5v pulse trains at 1/2 the original frequency. The application was to adapt the output signal of a Mazda RX7 speed sensor and output a compatible signal to a GM cruise control system. It worked, but wasn't cost effective enough to bring to market. It may eventually go open source.

Folgertech 2020 i3 Prusa - 3D Printer Build

A purpose built ABS 3D printer I wrapped up at the end of 2016. Its a fairly basic reprap i3 prusa clone but with a few bonus goodies like an enclosure, raspberry pi control, + lights, fans, camera, and power controlled via octoprint.

Raspberry Pi Rear Entertainment in 2013 Honda Odyssey

Completed in December of 2017 this project utilizes a Raspberry Pi 3 loaded with Kodi as the new heart of my minivan's rear entertainment system. Designed to seamlessly integrate with the vehicles OEM flipdown monitor and speaker system while bringing a truckload of cutting edge features

Raspberry Pi Rear Entertainment in 2007 Nissan Sentra

Completed in January of 2018 this project replicates the proof-of-concept system installed in the Honda Odyssey a month earlier. The biggest difference being that the Sentra did not have a pre-existing rear entertainment system so this installation included two LCD headrest monitors

Sugar Berry Home Theater

December 2018 marks the wrap up month for this dedicated budget theater that I started designing and building in 2015. Features include: Stadium seating for 7, 150" 16:9 Acoustically Transparent Screen, 7.1 Surround Sound, 7 Person Headphone System, Remote AV Cabinet, and Remote Controlled Lighting.

In Process 

BMW 540i In-Car Infotainment

Closing in on the installation of a mobile Nexus 7 tablet based infotainment system. The project will include a Timur's Kernel 2013 Nexus 7, Custom 3D Printed Bezel, MiniDSP C-DSP, USB S/PDIF DAC, Joycon EXR, JBL GTO-5EZ Amp, JBL GTO-804EZ Amp, Factory Speakers (phase 1), Image Dynamics IDQ10 subwoofer, and a rearview camera.

Tronxy X5S-400 - 3D Printer Build #2

Waiting in my shop to be built this 400x400x400mm volume printer is hopefully my key to printing some of my larger design work.



ATTiny85 AVR Standalone AC Control

Prototyped in 2015 this AVR based AC controller was designed to intelligently control an automotive AC compressor using feedback from the car's PCM and sensors as well as input commands from the user. I completed the hardware design and PCB layout, but the boards were never assembled and the microprocessor code was never written.